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HOTNEWS - Y Garth Bridleway, Cilcain gets repairs to improve use for cyclists funded by project
Bridleway Drainage Works Y Garth, Cilcain
This very popular and essential bridleway has been a constant problem although the writer can recall it was not so bad in the mid 1980's the populaity of mountain biking in the area has put a lot of pressure on this route.

Although under the 1968 Countryside Act allowed cyclists to use bridleways it placed no duty on the councils to ensure they could be used. As thee is no obligation when the government gives the local council its money including a contribution for rights of way nothing is given to cover the cost of making bridleways suitable for cyclists.

This bridleway because of failing drains meant it was a boogy mire in 4 major places making it impossible to ride up and a pain to ride down, as a result some riders trespassed onto a neighbouring field rather than try to deal with the mess.

The good news is that the team have managed to pull in some grant funding which has been given to Flintshire CC Highways who are in the process of constructing a system to drain the water.

This of course makes it difficult to use right now but we hope by next spring to have a much improved and rideable bridleway.. NWMBA lift our collective hard hats and thank the folks at ridetheclwyds and Flintshire CC.

The Bridleway is one end of the new Llwybyr Archdale and Llwybyr Y Garth Permissive Bridleways recently opened for public use by mountain bikers and horses.

The photo below shows what these wet spots looked like before treatment
Bridleway with bad drainage problems Y Garth, Cilcain
More Photos of the works
Bridleway Drainage Works Y Garth, Cilcain
Bridleway Drainage Works Y Garth, Cilcain
Bridleway Drainage Works Y Garth, Cilcain
Bridleway Drainage Works Y Garth, Cilcain