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Local two wheel celebrity Jason Rennie by day builds the trails at Llandegla, but is better known by many as the holder of the world record for distance jumps on motorcycle both indoor and out. Jason having gained a great interest in mountain bikes whilst building the trails wondered how far he could get a mountain bike to fly. The answer was announced on the 2 Feb when on a freezing winter day shrouded in low cloud he took a tow from a motorbike at 81 mph and seconds later left the top of a 12 ft high jump to touch back down again safely 133' 6" later.
134ft World Record MTB Jump video at
We were able to get some photos and video of the event and its posted here. We know the world online mtb sites are buzzing with the story so a selection of pictures and videos are posted here for anyone interested. Jason received support in his attempt from Tilhill the forest owners, Jim and Ian from One Planet Adventure the center operators as well as Kona, Dirt Magazine, NWMBA and of course a whole host of Jason's own skilled jump team and his friends and family...

latest news 30 May 2005
Nathan Rennie speaks to NWMBA about Jasons jump and his plans to become top jumping dog again... nwmba blog

Movie : the record breaking jump
Movie Clips
Movie : video of the bike showing the Kona handle the impact
Movie : video in podcast format for Video iPod
Jason's two finger towing device
This picture gives an idea of the scale of the jump
Jason in mid-flight
Coming into land
Aiming for the red zone
Links The news of the jump rapidly spread across the world via the internet with pictures posted shortly after the jump on the influential PinkBike web site, and later a video was posted by NWMBA that has seen several thousand hits as curious bikers want to see more.

Initialy many riders were sure it was a typo and that the jumper was Australian Nathan Rennie who had made the record attempt but failed to make the jump in November 2005 when he landed badly at 121 feet. But eventually the coincidence of jasons surname was accepted.

Interestingly the attempt has caused a lot of debate between MTB purists who think the use of a motorbike to tow the rider to speed was an artificial aid and should be discounted where as others say the record is about the distance jumped and as the jump was done by a mountain bike it is a valid attempt to see how far a rider is able to get a bike to fly on level ground. We include below whilst they exist a selection of the most popular bulleting and forum discussions on the jump and the ideology of such record attempts news page forum thread 1 forum thread 2 posted some of their pictures the UK mag posted the story forum thread forum thread 2 also covered the story forum forum thread 1 forum thread 2 forum article thread 1 forum thread 2 article forum mag article article note article e-zine article article article forum canadian yooth blabbering German blog from France forum french article french article coverage from Belgium from Russia from netherlands Dutch report Dutch report dutch report Italian report Czech report from Poland article and forum from Poland great article in Polish Polish article Slovak forum article from Brasil article from Brasil Canut forum on North Shore MB US forum us site article from Switzerland swiss article

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Colin Winkleman Whilst researching this article I was already aware that the previous attempt by top Australian rider Nathan Rennie had failed when Nathan crashed on his landing at about 121ft. Nathan was injured but will be back to full health. However, the world record was set in 2000 on a bmx bike by Colin Winkleman at 116ft. This in itself is a fantastic feat. Last year whilst pulling a video stunt for a competition, Colin miscalculated the jump from a moving ramp onto a moving van and found himself some 23 ft in the air with nothing other than a vertical drop onto the hard ground below. The resulting injuries were quite bad and he smashed both ankles a wrist as well as back problems. With his career over but hoping for a full recovery, his injuries very much appear to have restricted his ability to lead the life he had become used to. The resulting complications this caused him resulted in some trauma. He was found dead in his garage in August 2005. At the time the bmx community remain very grieved at his loss but his long standing record meant his memory lived on in the minds of many. Now the record has been broken we hope riders will still remember Colin when they see a bike being jumped. On one forum we found a link to a video clip which although unidentified is believed to be the original record breaking jump which I have posted below.
Anyone wanting to make a comparison between the two Rennie jumps here's a link to the Australian record attempt the principle difference being N Rennie seems to have a big budget, a camera in a helicopter and swaggers around after the attempt with his shirt off.. must have been hell in all that heat some one thow him an ice cube :-) check the video here