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Go Ride Technical Rider Training from Nigel Page

Go-Race Round 1 Coed Llandegla 13th March

Report from Lucy Marshall

Lucy Marshall is our club coaching guru and has been working for Welsh Cycling to develop the GoRide program aimed at geting young people under 16 to get into MTB racing wether they already are keen Mountain Bikers or merely curious. During the last two years many riders have been introduced to Mountain Biking and Racing from North Wales and across the borders into England. Coed Llandegla NWMBA has been enthusiastic about the success of the project to develop a future generation of Mountain Bikers.

Nigel Page session Bryn Gwyn 20th March:


After a great deal of top secret planning the North Wales Mountain Bike Association were excited to bring World Masters Downhill Champion Nigel Page to Bryn Gwyn Farm near Mold for an exclusive coaching day. Since retiring from racing Nigel has become the manager of the Chain Reaction Cycles Intense MTB team that is one of the larger teams on the UCI Downhill World Cup tour and has a full roster of great riders including Chris Kovarik and Matt Simmonds.

In the week before the ground dried up and conditions were better than we could possibly have hoped for...then came the rain!! The morning dawned grey, gloomy and damp. Upon arrival at the farm it soon became clear that much of the venue was cloaked in murk and was likely to stay that way for the day. Not to be detered riders battled their way through the mist and mud and were soon scoping out the venue.

With a wide range of ages and experience (from those new to off road riding to riders preparing to take on the downhill racing circuit this season) it was necessary to split the day. The morning group contained more experienced riders who pushed and encouraged each other to achieve scarier and more extreme moves throughout the session. Meanwhile the afternoon session was a smaller group to enable more intensive coaching of riders with less experience.

I've been trying to describe what went on since that evening and am still struggling for words!

The session started off with an opportunity to polish basic techniques and bike control essential to everything that follows before rapidly moving on to riding stuff which has left me stunned (and incredibly jealous) and no doubt scared a few parents!! So here are some pictures instead (many thanks to Nigel Clark and Philip Jones):

The racing the next day allowed a number of riders to put what they'd learnt into action. It was fantastic to see riders tackling the course with polished skill and aggression (even on the really slippy corners!)

Speaking to Nigel afterwards he was really impressed with everyone. So much so he's suggested another session later this year (probably September) once his World Cup commitments have ended. He's suggested perhaps Delamere Forest (which now has a four cross track as well as lots of jumps, berms etc) or Ponciau Banks BMX track in Wrexham.
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