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image nwmba members at red bull event

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Clearly considering just how much Vodka they are going to get through with their Red Bull each lap. 2001 team fill the time with a group entry in the contest. 2006 Enduro6 pics this way>>
Club Tops
Don't leave home without one.. ideal for covering with mud .. made for us by in Scotland they come in three styles traditional short sleeve zipped with rear pockets close fitting road style cycling jersey and a zip less baggier moto type top in long and short sleeve better suited to slack styling riders who like wearing body armour. The tops are in stock at the One Planet Shop at Coed Llandegla 01978 751656 costing £32 for existing members, and non members £42 which includes a years associate membership of NWMBA
image club top The new design incorporates the colour scheme of our new sponsors Coed Llandegla however we still expect to see bags of the old classic top in patriotic welsh colours wiht the white Ritchey MegaByte tyre tread overprint
for more details, prices & availability form an orderly queue at the One Planet Shop at Coed Llandegla.
NWMBA joins the IMBA.... founded in 1988 in the USA the body encourages low impact riding, volunteer trailwork participation, and encouraging good relations between all trail users. With a world wide network of 32,000 individual members and more than 450 clubs as well as corporate sponsors.

We recommend every mtb rider interested in none competative riding to join the IMBA and details are available from the UK web site. IMBA work to promote and encourage both riders and land owners to provide greater opportunity for biking and provide assesment of the quality of ridinng at both a local and international level

IMBA US Web Site (external site)

IMBA UK Web site (external site)

For details of rides or to find a ride partner check out the club on-line forum
Introduced in 2005 in conjunction with One Planet Adventure at Coed Llandegla, these popular 'bloke free' rides are only open for Women who set the pace .. and topic of conversation. Lucy Marshall is organising these rides, she is has considerable experience having raced in the UK at Elite level, a past member of the Denbighshire Local Access Forum representing cycle interests also has a degree in Sports Sciences. There are two ride levels Novice and Intermediate. If you want to turn up please contact Lucy through the NWMBA forum

The novice ride is aimed at those new to the sport maybe lacking confidence in their skills and the purpose is an introduction to the technology and skills needed to sucessfully ride off road using the novice mtb trails in the forest. Led by Lucy or Jane, help and information will be available before during and after the ride on bike set up, you will learn simple skills in off-road riding from the guides as well as the opportunity to seek advice from the centre mechanics. It is hoped after a few rides you will be able to confidently progress to the intermediate ride although you may come and ride as many novice rides as you like if you prefer the pace.

The social ride is aimed at riders with some skill proficiency riding on uneven surfaces as well as a reasonable level of fitness. Although mostly based on the trails around the forest, opportunity will also be given to venture out of the forest onto the local bridleways and tracks to develope rider skill confidence and trail knowledge to get the best out of your bike and your time.

The expert ride... up to you join the club, get a few together and post dates and places for rides exploring the great forest and mountain tracks of Wales.. and further.

Dates 2006

25th Mar - Novices ride 10:00 - Coed Llandegla
26th Mar - Social ride 9:00 - Marin Trail, Betws y Coed

22th Apr - Novices ride 10:00 - Coed Llandegla
29th Apr - Social ride 10:00 - Coed Llandegla

20th May - Novices ride 10:00 - Coed Llandegla
27th May - Social ride 10:00 - Coed Llandegla

For further details either post a comment in our Forum or call Coed Llandegla on 01978 751656

The discussion forum is now online and seems very stable. None members are welcome to use it to contact us and to share your biking advice and experiences with others. Because of an increasing level of obnoxious spam we have had to suspend free acccess and now you must apply for a user account in order to post although you will be able to read. Anyone is welcome to post stuff of relevance to NWMBA members on the forums but no er.. nastyness ok keep it smooth. Please remember that we have younger members who will be reading and commenting when you choose your words thanks.

image caption contest
Go on give us a caption to this.. we may even try to find a prize if its memorable

If you have any suitable photos taken at our events or on our runs suitable for inclusion please send them to the